Murder suspect stuck police officers with an axe


TWO police officers based in Nyamapanda escaped death by a whisker after a suspect murderer, who they wanted to arrest for killing his two-year-old son, axed them in resistance.

Stephen Nyakarenda (37), according to the police, fled from the scene after the axe attack on the law enforcers identified only as Constable Shiri and Assistant Inspector Kugotsi.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police is concerned with the conduct of some criminals who are now resorting to attacking police officers while in the process of effecting arrests in the country,” the police said in a statement.

“In this regard, the police will brook no nonsense in dealing with such criminals who attack police officers. The public is reminded that according to the country’s laws, attacking police officers while they are performing constitutional responsibilities is punishable with imprisonment once one is taken to court.”

It is reported that on September 2, the police in Nyamapanda received information that Nyakarenda had killed his two-year-old son.

A team of police officers reacted and went to his homestead to investigate the matter.

On arrival, the team informed the suspect of the allegations and told him to accompany them to Nyamapanda Police Station for further inquiries. The suspect then went inside his hut and came back armed with an axe.

Nyakarenda picked a stone and struck Shiri on the head. The suspect went on to strike Kugotsi with an axe on the head and shoulder before fleeing from the scene.

– NewZimbabwe


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