Things To Consider: Tinopona Katsande Gives Practical Tips On How To Avoid Leaking Of Bedroom Photos


Things To Consider: Tinopona Katsande Gives Practical Tips On How To Avoid Leaking Of Bedroom Photos

Things To Consider: Tinopona Katsande Gives Practical Tips On How To Avoid Leaking Of Bedroom Photos

Former Studio 263 actress Tinopona Katsande has offered practical advice on how to avoid the leaking of bedroom photos and videos. The popular television and radio personality is an authority on the subject, albeit an unwitting one, after her own video leaked 7 years ago.

Tin Tin, as Tinopona is affectionately known, bemoaned the fact that people are not letting the matter die a natural death. This was after she was asked about the video numerous times when she was interview by Star FM radio personality Iyati.

Tinopona then decided to use this as a teachable moment to help other people from falling into the same predicament she faced. Writing on her official Facebook page, Katsande said,

“I did an interview yesterday on Star FM #flyonthewall with Iyati and the listeners got to tune in and ask me any questions they wanted.

“As I expected, the old age issue of the leaked tape came up and I had to address it . . . AGAIN . . . lol . . . People wanted to know the why, when and how’s which for me is really not the ‘moral of the story honestly. Come now, it’s been over 7 years since that leak, I’ve moved on ( but obviously you people won’t let me kkk) and I would have hoped or assumed that you folk have moved on too lol – ahh but mhunu unogomuziva I suppose. Always trying to open a healed wound and rub some salt into it while they are at it, alas it is well I am TINOPONA, I ALWAYS SURVIVE.

“But back to the moral of the story, which unfortunately I didn’t get to say because of time limit but I will say it now.”

Tinopona then outlined things that people should always consider before they record themselves.

So as a survivor of revenge por_nography ( the leaking of one’s private explicit pictures, videos or audios without their permission/consent ) myself, here is my two cents, take it or leave it … 


2. Regardless how in love you are with your person /people , or regardless how much you feel the need to please – if you are drunk/high /intoxicated DONT make drunk decisions – you WILL regret when you are sober .

3. Never be pressured to do something you are not comfortable with.DONT RECORD ANYTHING THAT YOU WILL STUTTER TO EXPLAIN LATER

4. Know that it’s not really about “ I trust him /her he would never do something like that ( leak your nudes) to me”because :

A human being is a human being – anokuchinjira – ahhh vhunza Judas Iscariot ka. The only person you can really trust is iwe and Mwari wako so please put your trust in the right compartment

B. and most importantly, once you have stored your private and confidential material in these gadgets ( phones, laptops etc) what ultimately happens with it or to itis actually no longer in your control regardless the passwords and security apps TRUST ME. In this world of technology we are now living it , anyone and EVERYONE can get access to your information and personal private stuff for as long as you have stored it . And remember, the World Wide Web NEVER FORGETS

So while I totally concur kuti your life is you life , live it how you want indeed for only you will be accountable for your actions and only you will have to face the consequences , I say when it comes to recording and storing of explicit and private confidential material , be very careful- rather siyana nazvo completely( unless it’s your professional trade of cause).

The cons far out weigh the pros wakazonyatso gara.

Since the infamous leak, Tin Tin has had her ups and downs but seems to have emerged stronger from the debacle. She is now running a thriving egg business that went viral a few months back.


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