Missing drunk man accidentally joins search party meant to find him


A drunk Turkey man reportedly joined in the search for a missing man before he realised it was him that they were looking for.

Turkish channel NTV reported Beyhan Mutlu, 50, was declared missing by his wife after going out for drinks with friends before wandering off into woods in Cayyaka, Turkey.

According to the Daily Sabah website, he had wandered away from his friends in a forest while drunk, sparking concern.

Mutlu stumbled upon a group of volunteers in the area who were helping the authorities search for him.

He only realised that they were looking for him when they started shouting his name.

Mutlu was initially confused and asked whom they were trying to locate before telling them “I am here.”

Following the incident, Mr Mutlu was taken aside to give a statement where he pleaded with officers to not punish him harshly.

Officials reported that he was then given a lift home but it is unclear whether he faced any penalty.

In 2012, a woman visiting Iceland took part in a major mountain search operation for a lost tourist before discovering it was for her.

The bizarre mix up occurred in Iceland’s southern volcanic region, a remote but popular walking area for visiting tourists.

The woman in question was reported to have failed to return to her tour bus – but had in fact just changed her clothes.

Police and search teams searched the barren treeless hillsides looking for an Asian woman but the expedition was called off at 3 am after the woman, who had joined the search, realised the error.

She immediately told the bus driver, who informed the police.

–Daily Sabah


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