Wife divorces husband, before refunding him his lobola for poor performance in bed

Cynthia and Ian are already in Splitview a few days after a Mauritius honyemoon


A young Zimbabwe wife could not stomach sexual starvation by her madala husband who kept on ‘jamming’ in bed during a honeymoon in Mauritius.

Cynthia Rimai (29) refunded lobola to her husband Ian Samkange (61) before divorcing him for weak action between the sheets.
Not even a promise of a dream wedding tempted Cynthia into keeping Ian. Even a one week honeymoon whirlwind memories in Mauritius last month, which started a day after Ian paid a lobola deposit of $3700, are not sweet enough for Cynthia to keep Ian.
The wife intends to take her time to find a more active and energetic hubby, even though Ian went out of his way to go on honeymoon with her against his Church doctrine which prescribes a white wedding first before a couple could stay or sleep with each other.

The God fearing Ian who had not yet eaten the forbidden fruits during courtship booked two separate hotel rooms for the couple in order to avoid temptations.
Cynthia could not have any of that. She demanded her conjugal rights, maintaining that she was already his wife by way of paying lobola. Ian’s efforts to quench her wife’s ravenous sexual appetite exposed his limited stamina in bed compelling Cynthia to clip off the wings of a marriage before flying any further than the honeymoon period.

“Ian is so hopeless and weak in bed. We had to get Viagra but he didn’t even have a rhythm. I think he is the worst performer in bed in the whole world. I took a loan from work so I can repay the lobola,” fumed Cynthia.

She added: ”I don’t have any regrets, my parents can enjoy the lobola in peace. I will be single for a long time and I won’t even settle for a man who is afraid of s.e.x before marriage. “

Ian expressed disappointment with ‘worldly’ Cynthia.

“My Prophet had warned me about her. She is worldly. She didn’t answer when I asked if she was a v!rgin. She pushed me into sin, she is a Jezebel. I don’t care about the (lobola) money she left at my home. She can take it or I will donate it to the poor. I still have money to marry a virtuous woman. ”

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