Chief Murinye threatens to hold Zanu PF MP by his balls

Chief Murinye


Chief Murinye threw caution to the wind and insulted Zanu PF MP Edmond Mhere using vulgar language that is too taboo in African culture to be used in public.

He uttered the unprintable words at the funeral of top civil servant Elson Gonye as he accused Mhere, the MP for Masvingo Central for not doing his work in the constituency.

Gonye was buried at Gonye Village in Chief Murinye’s area in Masvingo Rural.

“I will pull Mhere’s tes**cles until he does things the right way (Ndicharamba ndichimukweva mache*** kusvika zvanaka). He has wasted the constituency’s 10 years and has not done any development in the area.

Mourners gathered at the funeral murmured in disbelief but Chief Murinye ordered them to shut up.

The funeral was attended by top Government secretaries, dignitaries, commissioners, women and children.

“I warned you against voting this man into Parliament in 2018 and you did not heed my call. Now you are regretting. He is never here and none of you even know his number. He is a failure. What type of an MP is he who has no office and does not give his mobile number to the electorate?” asked Chief Murinye.

Murinye warned his subjects that he will not assist them with anything if they continue to vote an MP like Mhere.

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