Man’s love of stolen goat meat led to his death

Piece of Fresh Goat Meat


The love for goat meat precipitated an early meeting between an Ekurhuleni man and with his ancestors.

His departure from earth came as he was stirring the pot of mogodu while tasting to check if the salt was enough.

Little did he know that the owners of the goat he had stolen were sharpening tools to inflict a fatal punishment on him.

Suddenly the door flung open and was caught red-handed busy frying the stolen meat.

However, he couldn’t hide the mogodu pot and the owners’ suspicions were confirmed.

A livestock owner said they hired the herder and others to look after their animals at kraals near Phumlani Cemetery in Etwatwa, but the herders took advantage of them.

“We’ve been looking for the stolen goats, but we didn’t know who was stealing them.

“People got angry and decided to take the law into their own hands,” he said.

Another livestock owner said her goats were once looked after at the kraal, but she decided to build a small holding area in her yard after she lost more than 50 of them.

“I’m a sangoma and we use the goats during ukuthwasa,” she said.

Captain Johannes Ramphora said police patrolling the area received a complaint of an unnatural death.

On arrival they found a man’s body in his early 30s, identified as Shaka, lying next to a fence next to the kraal.

“On closer inspection it was found he had a big gash on top of his head. When the herder was first confronted, he became aggressive and produced a gun, but he was overpowered and we are told he admitted he was involved together with other herders, and it was not the first time they stole the goats.”

Ramphora said a murder case was opened at Springs Police Station, but no arrests have been made yet.

– Daily Sun


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