Video: Chamisa urges Beitbridge residents to register to vote

CCC Leader Nelson Chamisa addressing supporters in Beitbridge


..as CCC turns Beitbridge yellow

OPPOSITION leader Nelson Chamisa pulled a bumper crowd at Dulivhadzimo Stadium in Beitbridge yesterday as campaigns ahead of the March 26 by-elections hit the home stretch.

CCC President Speech below

Intimidation are tactics of those nearing their exit. Thats how they work – NC Beitbridge
I heard that yesterday you were being intimidated. Being told that when you attend our rally you will die there. Thank you for the resilience – NC Beitbridge
This is a by election to restore our candidate removed by Zanu PF. We however know that the issue here is 2023 – NC Beitbridge
We need to go back to be number one in football , economy , all spheres – NC Beitbridge
When change comes , it also happens for the police & army. We want that change – NC Beitbridge
Kupinda kwemukomana kupinda kwemari , kupinda kwemabasa , kupinda kwemufaro – NC Beitbridge
The first thing to sort out is the rule of law. I arrived in Marondera and found our supporters ready to fight the ZRP. I said the Police are our pple – NC Beitbridge

We come to Beitbridge to clarify that you knew us wearing RED. That RED regalia was stolen. They stole our MPs , Name , Party Offices etc but we are one people and have started afresh as CCC – NC Beitbridge
We are saying that if we unite in this country nothing will beat us. Clap hands for yourselves Beitbridge – NC Beitbridge
I have seen tripple C trending around Zimbabwe , SADC and everywhere – NC Beitbridge
We want to bring a new culture , the prevailing culture is about rulers. This is why they are ruthless. We want to be leaders – NC Beitbridge
Violence no. We beg you not to fight. We do not want violence & anarchy. We want to fight using ideas – NC Beitbridge
Vote for our Councillors on March 26. This is however not the main meal. Main meal is in 2023. You must however be registered and vote to see that change – NC Beitbridge
I hear some of you say voting is useless they will rig. If you till a very big area , no baboon will finish your crop. You will find it sleeping in the field – NC Beitbridge
We have an issue with ZEC. We have written to SADC & AU and told them that this violence must stop. We have a peaceful way of stopping it , which we will bring to you if it continues – NC Beitbridge
We have conditions for elections to take place in 2023 –

  1. All citizens above 18 willing to vote must be registered to vote.
  2. Diaspora vote.
  3. Clean biometric voters roll
  4. Results announced at polling station level

NC – Beitbridge


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