Adultery confession on deathbed


‘…our third child is not yours’

IN a moment of panic, a woman from Gokwe, who became seriously ill and thought she might die, left her community shocked when she confessed that she cheated and revealed that one of their children was not her husband’s.

The woman, Filda Mabhuku from Nyire Nyire Village under Chief Nemangwe, told her husband Robert Chiyangwa that the child in question actually belonged to his cousin Tinotenda Mpofu from Zvikwete with whom she had been having a secret affair for some time.

According to a source from the area, when Mabhuku was in hospital fighting for her life and when she thought she wouldn’t make it, she decided to confess her “sins”.

She reportedly broke down in tears telling her husband that his cousin Tinotenda was the biological father of her third child.

“As you know people at their deathbed want to be free from all their sins, Mabhuku, who thought she was dying and wanted to come out clean, decided to confess to her husband that she once cheated on him with his cousin and that secret relationship was blessed with a child which Chiyangwa was always considering as his third child.

“After the confession, Chiyangwa confronted his cousin who also confessed to having a relationship with Mabhuku,” said the source.

Following the two’s confessions, Chiyangwa then approached Chief Nemangwe’s traditional court demanding six beasts from his cousin as compensation for impregnating his wife.

Chief Nemangwe confirmed the incident, saying when he summoned the parties, both Tinotenda and Mabhuku confessed that they had a secret affair behind Robert’s back and that their affair was blessed with a child that Chiyangwa thought was his.

He said this was after Mabhuku revealed their shenanigans while on her “deathbed”.

“When I asked Mabhuku why she decided to confess, she said she thought she was going to die. On why she cheated on her husband, Mabhuku said it was because he was no longer active in bed hence she decided to approach his cousin so that he could quench her thirst.

“Tinotenda, although he was not sure that the child was his, also confessed that he had a relationship with Mabhuku. He said Mabhuku was the one who forced him into the relationship saying her husband was no longer satisfying her in bed,” said Chief Nemangwe.

In his ruling, Chief Nemangwe ordered Tinotenda to pay five beasts to his cousin as compensation for impregnating his wife.


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