I Spent US$3K To Win Her Back : I Bought Samantha Dzapata A New Car, She Left Me For Married Man: Ximex Mall Dealer Leaked Audio

GONE TO GOD: Samantha Dzapata


In a leaked audio doing the rounds on social media, Ximex Mall dealer Boss Pangolin, real name Tafadzwa Russel Murengwa, confesses that he shot his girlfriend Samantha Dzapata.

According to the leaked audio, Boss Pangolin says they had an on and off rocky relationship marred by cheating and physical abuse.

The handsome married man Clemency who snatched Samantha Dzapata from Tafadzwa Murengwa

In an audio recording, available online, Murengwa promised to skip the country via Mt Darwin.

What he said:

He threw away US$2000 at Ximex Mall in Harare yesterday out of frustration, to relieve stress
Samantha recently collected a new car he bought to try win her back
Samantha was dating a married man who lived at her place
He recently bought groceries for Samantha’s mother
He turned down a US Job offer in order to be with Samantha
He recently gave her relative about R6000
He is very sorry and would like to apologise to Samantha’s family over the death
Samantha recently obtained a court order to keep a distance from him
Beautiful women like Pokello could have given him another chance for at least 2 months (because of gifts he bought) but Samatha was hard to win back

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