How I reinvented my love back after separation


Hey my name is a Faith Katondu from Kisii County
I was married to a Luo man from Kisumu but we separated after I filed for a
I live to regret what led me to such stupid move.
My parents were even against it as all the problems was mine.
They requested me to support and respect my husband but there is no way I
could do such thing a broke man.
My office male friend could treat me better than him and I had a reason to
divorce him.
I left my head high and I transferred my children to another school but this
affected him a lot.
He turned out to be a drunkard and I did not care.
One day his gods visited him and he landed a nice job at Westland Nairobi and got
a huge pay.
He bought a house and a car and really reformed while on my side things had
I was fired and left to die and things got a new turn.
One day after suffering, my friend introduced me to Dr Kiwanga who advised me
on what to do to reunite with my former husband.
After two weeks, we were together and we are now a happy couple. In case you
are facing similar thing kindly contact Dr Kiwanga for blessing and healing.
Kiwanga doctors are really experienced and dependable herbalists who ensure
that our lives are not inhibited by various life challenges like depression, marriage
wrangles among others. They also treat various diseases such as syphilis, high
blood pressure among other just in a span of three days. Don’t let certain life
challenges be a barricade to your success or even any disease that may have given
you sleepless nights for Kiwanga doctors are really the real deal in town.
For consultations call +254 769404965 / E-mail kiwangadoctors@gmail.com or
visit the website www.kiwangadoctors.com

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