My wife who left me for a rich guy is now running after me


My wife left me for a richer man, I did this to get richer than his new man
My name is Nathan Kibet fom Eldoret kenya .
I previously worked in a supermarket and earned not much money. My wife was
never comfortable with my salary and always pressurized me to living a life I could
not afford.
I would always take loans to maintain her lifestyle her hair and clothes. This
stressed me because I was really struggling financially and I never wanted to lose
her for I loved her so much.
One day I received a text from her telling me that she was tired of me and she
could not stand again a broke man. I felt like my world had crushed. After all the
sacrifice she had decided to leave me.
After asking around I learnt she had left me for a certain rich guy who had
recently divorced his wife. I could see her posts on social media saying how she
was enjoying her new life
I felt betrayed I could do anything to get rich. I decided to consult the services of a
traditional herbalist who would help me get rich. I talked to Kiwanga traditional
Immediately after consulting him, I started receiving money deals and in a few
months I was driving my own car. Within a year I had a house and running my
business on her side she had been left by the guy and I could not take her back
no matter how much she pleaded
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