Married deacon pays lobola for another woman

Caught with their pants down


THOU shalt not commit adultery!
This is one of the 10 commandments, cast in stone, that a senior deacon at Cardiff Assemblies of God Back to God UK has apparently decided to forsake.

Family members told B-Metro that Thembani Nyathi (49), a Zimbabwean man of the cloth based in the UK, has turned his back on his marriage of more than 20 years to sample carnal delights with a Bulawayo woman.

Nyathi left his wife, Bongani Nyathi nee Ndlovu (42), singing hymns at the UK church with their four children aged 18, 16, 13 and three years old to secretly pay lobola for Petronella Lubelihle Ndebele (30) in Zimbabwe.

The holy book talks about the abomination of having sex outside marriage about 40 times.

Thembani appears to have ignored the repeated biblical warnings in the word he preaches as he has impregnated Ndebele and they have a child who was born in February this year.

Sources from his family said he paid the first batch of lobola last year and finished off this year in June.

He parted with 10 head of cattle.

Ndebele, who is a devout Seventh Day Adventist Church congregant in Bulawayo’s Pelandaba suburb branch, allegedly ignored numerous warnings about getting married to a man who was already married to another woman.

“Thembani’s wife even sent an impassioned plea to Ndebele’s father begging him to stop the marriage in February last year but her plea fell on deaf ears. Ndebele even had the audacity to send nude pictures to Thembani when she knew he was married. Thembani told his wife the affair was a mistake and it was over when they talked about it last year,” said a source who supplied B-Metro with evidence to support the claims.

Ndebele’s sisters, overjoyed at the payment of lobola, posted pictures of the lavish ceremony on social media.

Conscience may have kicked in as they quickly pulled them down, but not before other netizens had shared them.

“The whole thing stinks. Thembani and Bongani were married in 2000 under Chapter 37 (Now Chapter 5.11) which strictly forbids polygamy at the Brethren in Christ Church in Lobengula before they moved to UK. Besides, Thembani and Ndebele’s Christian values should be enough to deter them from fornication and adultery,” said a source close to the matter.

Contacted for comment, Ndebele sounded taken-aback.

“Who told you that? Do you want to publish? Keep my name out of it,” she said between long pauses.

Ndebele did not respond when asked several times if she knew Thembani was a married man.

Thembani, who is still in the country, ignored calls from B-Metro.

He blue-ticked a message that was sent to him on Wednesday last week, asking him for his side of the story.

His wife, Bongani, sounded shell- shocked.

“Who am I talking to? Who told you that? I cannot comment at the moment,” she said, before hanging up.

She sounded like she was hyperventilating.


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