Garden boy impregnates employer’s 3 daughters

SHARP-SHOOTER: Garden boy and the pregnant daughters


Kenya parents got it all wrong by keeping their daughters under lock and key at home only for them to be impregnated by the family’s garden boy.

The parents kept their three daughters indoors cutting them off from mingling with friends hoping to protect them from marauding boys. They however neither tamed their daughters’ teenager rebellious hormones nor protected them from their own garden boy who took advantage of his proximity to the girls to quench their ravenous sexual appetite.

In no time, the garden boy started enjoying sex with the girls behind the back of their unsuspecting but strict parents until they all got pregnant.

The Christian parents got a rude awakening upon discovering that their daughters were pregnant despite the ring fence which they erected around them. The daughters’ mother fainted when her garden boy turned out to be responsible for the pregnancies.

It all started with the eldest daughter when she caught her younger sister going horizontal and crossing legs with the garden boy and demanded to be serviced as well in exchange for her silence. The last born later discovered that the garden boy was banging her sisters and demanded to be banged as well in order to keep her mouth shut. The boy was a garden boy by day and the man by night.

The sisters have since given birth and parents have accepted the fate after intense counselling and blamed themselves for being too strict towards their daughters.

The garden boy instantly lost his job but however the girls still love the father of their two daughters and son. They still send him money.

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