Mai TT’s intimate attraction of crooks

Mai TT


…leaves behind a trail of broken hearts

Mai TT reckons she has always attracted thieves and crooks in her numerous love affairs.

Since she broke up with Tapiwa Mutikani, whom she accused of infecting her with HIV, Mai TT has entered into five high-profile relationships in less than ten years.

The men she romantically got involved with after Mutikani, are artist Zizoe Pamyk, Nigerian businessman Obina Ugwa, the white fellow known as Chime, Tinashe Maphosa – whom she is now accusing of defrauding her.

There was also another man, identified as Shepherd, who was believed to be a married man who was part of her love life.

With relationships, about six men at the last count, since she started sharing her love life in public, one could wonder if she has a love charm which attracts men.

She has claimed publicly why some of her relationships went sour; she plays the victim of being used and taken advantage of by her lovers.

She is on record saying Zizoe used her for fame, as he wanted to boost his musical career while Tinashe defrauded her.

The relationship with Obina could not last as the Nigerian man wanted Mai TT to conduct herself like a typical subservient and well-cultured African woman.

H-Metro reached out to Mai TT on why her relationships do not last. She said her problem was that she attracted thieves, though she did not want to include Mutikani, among the thieves. “I am attracting thieves. Don’t talk about Mutikani, he has nothing to do with this,” she said.

–H Metro.

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