SA inmate exhibits style and affluence behind bars

Unidentified SA Prisoner displaying a flamboyant lifestyle in prison


Stung by the cheek of an inmate who posted pictures on social media of himself dressed in “designer” prison garb complete with brand-name sneakers and a gold wristwatch, prison authorities have moved to stop the show-off.

In the pictures, the inmate shows off altered prison garb that has been made to look fashionable. 

On Tuesday, the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) said it had identified the inmate and confiscated a mobile phone he used to “flamboyantly post his image on social media”

The inmate is incarcerated at St Albans Correctional Facility in the Eastern Cape.

The DCS said the inmate, who will be formally charged, has since been moved to a Special Care Unit for an investigation.

“Mobile phones are defined as contraband in correctional centres; hence illegal access and usage is a punishable offence,” said the DCS.

“The said inmate will also face other charges for tailoring offender uniform as this is against DCS policies.”

The DCS said it was “deeply incensed by this behaviour and there shall be strong action and consequences”. 

However, prison authorities did not name the offender or say why he was incarcerated.

STYLE BEHIND BARS: Some of the pictures the inmate posted on social media

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