Chamisa appraises Winky D’s message and its political resonance

Winky D


Zimbabwe’s political landscape received a musical twist yesterday after Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa took to Twitter to praise controversial musician Winky D.

In a short but enthusiastic tweet, Chamisa hailed Winky D, known as “Gaffa” by fans, as “GOAT” (Greatest Of All Time) for his “deep and relevant message.”

The tweet came in response to Winky D’s latest song, “Ngirozi,” which tackles themes of social injustice, government accountability, and the plight of ordinary Zimbabweans.

The song has become a popular anthem among the opposition, with its poignant lyrics resonating with many.

Chamisa’s praise for Winky D sparked immediate debate, with supporters lauding his recognition of the artist’s powerful message and detractors questioning the political implications of aligning himself with a figure known for his outspoken commentary.

“Winky D has always been a voice for the voiceless,” said CCC activist Tendai Moyo. “He speaks truth to power, and it’s refreshing to see a leader like Chamisa acknowledging that.”

However, others expressed concern about the potential politicization of art. “Winky D is a musician, not a politician,” argued ZANU-PF spokesperson Tafadzwa Mukaratigwa. “Chamisa should focus on addressing the country’s problems, not using artists to score political points.”

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