Even beautiful virgin wives get cheated by their husbands: Mai TT

Mai TT


..Marriage Has No Formula: Beauty, Brains, Virginity Don’t Matter, Says Mai TT

Comedienne, Mai TT, whose real name is Felistas Murata, says marriage has no formula and married people can still have problems even if they do everything right.

Mai TT, who has been having challenges in her marriage, posted her remarks on Facebook.

Critics believe Mai TT was taking a dig at another comedienne Madam Boss, who is reportedly facing serious marital challenges.

Wrote Mai TT:
Marriage has got no formula

Each time when a man does his shenanigans we blame women, hee dressing, character, personality bla bla bla come on guys.

A man will still cheat on his decent and perfect wife who he met whilst she was still a virgin.

A man will cheat on his wife despite the wife being respectful, responsible and beautiful.

Beauty will not keep a man, even brains will not, respect, and being faithful won’t keep him too.

Even if you are the sexiest woman on earth if a man wants to cheat he will do so with the least of the person you were expecting. So let’s not do fault-finding in relationships, some men married strippers they met in the pub till now they are together.

Some men get beaten by their wives but they are still together and you wonder what are they still doing there.

Some men live with the most talkative wives ever but still, they are going strong.

COMEDIENNE Felistas “Mai TT” Murata and husband Tinashe Maphosa

Love, Marriage and how to keep it longer is unknown, it’s an unknown equation.

If you are in a perfect marriage or relationship then thank your God because it is not a bed of roses.

Whilst you are at it do not laugh at those failing to keep their relationships, they also are putting in effort just like you are doing.

When it turns out bad It is also up to you to stay or leave, you do not need any advice when you are the one wearing the shoe. You know how painful it is.

However normalizing cheating is one of the most painful things ever.

There are really good people out there who are still asking themselves, what did I really do? or where did I get it wrong?

But hey listen! You did the best you could to keep it together but what keeps someone is someone who wants to be kept.

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