Neglected and detained War Veterans leader dies


By Susan Moyo and Murisi Baukwa

Harare North War Veterans District Chairperson Amosa Sigauke has died. He had kidney problems but was worsened when he was in police cell after he was arrested for protesting for the welfare of former freedom fighters.

Whilst in police cell his legs swelled and was not given proper medical treatment. Sigauke a great warrior of many liberation struggle battles was ill-treated by Zanu PF for demanding better living conditions for former freedom fighters.

War veterans earn a pension of US$80 and Rtgs $20 000.Most of the War vets are old and some have illness associated with old age. The pension they are earning is not enough for medical and food.

ZanuPF chefs are enjoying heavy salaries and packs. The Zanu PF leadership are the ones who grabbed the huge whites productive farms during the 2000 land invasions. These farms had houses, equipment and herds of cattle. The liberation struggle forefront fighters who are dotted in rural areas are living in poverty.

Sigauke was arrested for demanding a better change for former liberation struggle fighters.

“It’s a pity that Cde Amos Sigauke died a destitute in a country he helped to liberate. During the liberation war he cherished people of Zimbabwe to live in a better country. Zanu PF betrayed Cde Amos Sigauke and all War vets. A few War vets are enjoying the blood of thousands who perished to liberate Zimbabwe.” said Cde Badza aka Cde Bonderai.

“Cde Sigauke like many other Warvets know that Mnangagwa and current ZanuPF leaders have taken a dangerous detour from the values of the liberation struggle.Its high time Zimbabweans understand that Citizens Coalition For Change is a true Zimbabwean opposition movement aiming to fulfill the unfinished business of the liberation struggle.The propaganda that Chamisa will return the country to whites is hogwash and peddled by foolish propagandists who know that Mnangagwa and ZanuPF have failed Zimbabweans.” said an angry former freedom fighter Cde Machiri from Mashonaland Central.

“Zanu PF has totally abandoned the liberation struggle freedom fighters. Mnangagwa is more concerned about enriching his close family, friends and relatives rather than taking a responsibility to fulfill the promises of the liberation struggle. Change is the only way to get out of this clueless directionless and unpatriotic leadership.” said an angry former Zipra Cde Christopher Ndiweni in Victoria Fall.

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