World’s most beautiful and identical twins struggling to get pregnant

Twins Anna and Lucy Decinque and shared hubby Ben Byrne


Australian twins share the same husband

The world’s ‘most identical twins’ are trying to get pregnant at the same time with their shared fiancé.

Australian twins Anna and Lucy Decinque, 35 are working hard between the sheets and have been practicing mum-life by taking baby dolls out to restaurants. They want to fall pregnant at the exact same time and be mums together.
They have been trying since 2021 and now expect their fiancé Ben Byrne to scope in 2023. Byrne is working overtime in bed burning midnight night oil in an effort to find the nets but has been shooting blanks for the past 14 months.
The world’s ‘most identical twins’ have opened up about their struggle to ‘get pregnant at the same time’ and say it’s still their dream to be mothers.

The world’s most identical twins Anna and Lucy Decinque

Australian twins Anna and Lucy even confessed to dressing up baby dolls and taking them to cafes and restaurants in preparation for the real thing.

‘We’ve had some trouble trying to get pregnant, so this is the next best thing,’ they said.

The dolls appeared to be dressed as identical twins for their outing.

To practice for motherhood the twins take newborn dolls out with them when they eat at cafes

The women, who decided they wanted to have babies together, later on in life, have spilled all on television in season two of TLC series Extreme Sisters.

‘Our dream is to be pregnant together at the same time,’ they told producers on the show.

The sisters, who share everything including their fiance Byrne, 40, started their journey into motherhood in 2021.

At the time they marveled at the idea of becoming pregnant.

‘We’ve never taken a pregnancy test before. It really is magical how a stick can confirm you are pregnant.

‘We’re 35 years old. We’ve decided we want kids now.’
The twins said they haven’t been successful yet – but hope they can become mothers in 2023
When the women first tried to conceive they found they were ovulating at the same time – something that didn’t appear to surprise them as they have always been ‘in sync with everything’.

We learnt from the internet that when your temperature goes up your ovulating,’ Lucy said.

Anna’s thermometer registered first, so she waited for her sister before checking their temperature – they both measured 36.8C.

‘We’re the three degrees up. We are ovulating, we are exactly the same,’ the exclaimed.

They then called Ben into the room.

The women do everything together – including sleep, eat and exercise so they always look the same
The next shot of the girls shows them with their legs up against the wall in a bid to assist successful fertilisation.

The sisters also revealed it is much more difficult to get pregnant than they thought – especially because they want to go through their pregnancies at the same time.

Having their babies at the same time is particularly important to the two women who like to do everything together.

‘When she goes to the toilet, I come with her; when she has a shower, I come with her,’ Anna told the New York Post.

‘You name it and we do it. We’re never apart. I don’t think we’d function without each other. We have separation anxiety. We’re bound to each other.’

–Daily Mail

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