Grace Mugabe chased Simba Chikore from Blue Roof House

Grace Mugabe


DUBBED as the Zimbabwean wedding of the century, Bona Mugabe and Simbarashe Chikore’s union lived to its billing of a blockbuster lavish wedding. The then late President Robert Mugabe’s first born daughter wore an expensive wedding gown and exquisite jewellery imported from one of the Asian countries where the family frequented during their usual annual vacation.

Nicknamed Gucci Grace because of her l0ve for finer things in life, Bona’s mother Grace made sure that her daughter who was 24 years old then looked exquisite on her wedding day.

Chikore wore a silver-spangled jacket.

The wedding, beamed live on the national broadcaster ZBC-TV resembled royalty. Four thousand guests in attendance included the rich and famous, politicians, businessmen and pastors.

Reports suggested that the cost of Bona’s wedding on March 1, 2014, which was attended by the heads of State of South Africa, Zambia, and Equatorial Guinea at Mugabe’s private Blue Roof mansion in Harare’s plush Borrowdale suburb, was in excess of US$4 million.

Simba Chikore and Bona Mugabe

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Among the visiting artists that performed at the 18-hour long event included South Africa’s Zahara, Soweto String Quartet, Koffi Olomide from the Democratic Republic of Congo and local stars, Jah Prayzah and Sulumani Chimbetu.

Speaking during the wedding, Mugabe referred to the two l0vebirds as the dancers on the l0ve circuit. He said the l0ve story should not end.

However, fast forward to this day. The dancers (Bona and Simba) are weary and tired. Frustrated, they want to leave the stage. The beautiful l0ve story that culminated in the wedding is coming to an end, with Bona filing div0rce papers this week.

The union, blessed with three children, has irrevocably broken down.

NewsDay Weekender tracked down one of the couple’s former helpers who gave an inside story on why the union is coming to an end.

While Bona did not give reason for the div0rce, ostensibly to protect the family’s reputation, the former helper said it all started with accusations of infidelity on Simba’s part.

“In May last year, Bona discovered that Simba had a girlfriǝnd and this did not go down well with her. They quarrelled over the issue,” said a former helper.

In a bid to win back Bona’s l0ve and affection, Simba bought flowers to apologise.

“Bona destroyed the flowers in front of workers. It was really embarrassing for Simba,” the former helper said.

Bona allegedly left the matrimonial home in Mt Pleasant soon after.

“Simba tried to follow his wife who was now staying at the famous Blue Roof mansion in Borrowdale Brooke, but he was not allowed inside. Bona’s mother Grace made it clear that he should never set foot on the premises,” said the insider.

According to the former helper, Bona would go with the children to their Mt Pleasant home during weekends.

“Bona would come with children during weekends so that Simba could spend time with them. She made sure that she would not sleep there,” the insider said.

The helper said Bona does not want an acrimonious div0rce.

In the court papers, Bona said the couple had not lived together for over nine months.

“She obviously doesn’t want a messy div0rce that will make skeletons in the closet tumble. She is a reserved and shy person by nature,” she said.

The div0rce will likely expose the assets that the couple acquired over the years.

Lawyers representing Bona, Chimwamurombe Law Chambers, proposed that the two should share movable and immovable property which they acquired equitably.

“During the subsistence of the mɑrriɑgǝ, the parties both jointly and severally acquired various movable and immovable property, which the plaintiff avers will be just and equitable if such identified and distinguished property is made; and where applicable division of those certain and relevant joint assets is dealt with in a separate suit after the granting of div0rce decree as permitted by section 7 of the Matrimonial Causes Act (Chapter 05:13),” the lawyers said.

The couple was building an imposing mansion in Umwinsidale.

The Chinese contractors working on the mansion blasted the top and side of the hill to create an access road and a huge flat space for foundations for Bona and Simba’s mansion.

The mansion sits on a 22-hectare tract of land that cascades down the mountain right to its foot in the Umwinsi River Valley. The house is built on land that is bigger than the Harare Gardens, which sit on 21 hectares.

Bona is demanding US$8 100 per month from her estranged husband for the maintenance of their three children, court filings show.

In her papers, she said the mɑrriɑgǝ had irretrievably broken down and that there was no reasonable prospect of the restoration of a normal mɑrriɑgǝ relationship between them.

The two had lost all love and affection for each other and have been living apart for over nine months.

As part of the divorce agreement, Bona also wants Chikore to be granted access to their children aged seven, five and two, every other weekend.

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