Koffi disappoints in Kadoma: Is Koffi Olomide past his sell-by date?

DANCE KING: Koffi on stages


Everything has a shelf life and the sun might be setting on Congolese Rhumba artiste Koffi Olomide (66) if his performance on Saturday in Kadoma is anything to go by. He probably is past his sell-by date.

Short-changed, short, short-changed, short-changed, was written on every reveller’s face, after his lacklustre performance at Kadoma’s Odyssey Hotel.

But let us give to his fashion; he is still there and colourful plumage still sweeps many a fashionista off their feet. He was dressed to the point, as if he was attending a show in the ceremonial home of fashion, Milan, Italy.

Even Donatella Versace would have turned green with envy.

Enough of his fashion review, this was a musical show.

Musically, he is no longer the same. He was slow and visibly not there on stage.

Koffi, who was the headlining act at the much-hyped Africa Explosion gig, appeared lost from start to finish.

He appeared uninspired and his body language summed it up when he took to the well decorated stage, which met international standards.

Adding salt to injury, the rhumba stalwart appeared on stage late even though he was at the venue.

Koffi gave the event organisers a torrid time with his conduct.

He further riled fans when he remained holed up in his parked vehicle at the show venue when his band was already on stage.

Before the show, Koffi was in the company of his close associates in the car park for too long and it defies logic why he did not go on stage on time.

The boo boys, who had been anxiously waiting for him, showed their dismay which prompted him to leave the parked car and dash to the stage.

He was lucky not to be pelted with objects as fans showed their maturity on the night Kadoma hosted one of the world’s renowned acts.

After sensing that fans were not happy, Koffi invited Roki on stage and the two performed the song Patati Patata.

The performance was cut short and still Koffi failed to convince fans that he still has the mojo.

Despite the support from the Congolese community, Koffi had a nightmarish day which can easily pass as a mere “fraud” from an artiste of his calibre.

Entrepreneur and socialite Zodwa Mkandla tried her best to cheer up Koffi when she joined him on stage as he belted out the song “Papa Mobimba”.

Her intention was to psyche up the rhumba stalwart who stuttered on the big occasion.

The only positive thing he left is that he has managed to convince local rhumba acts that it’s never too late to revive the genre.

Fellow countryman, Rhumba artiste Pitshou Lumiere, who was part of Koffi’s entourage, was as jovial as ever.

Members of Ban Des As, Bana Ngwasuma and BV Labien Musica also graced the event.

On a positive note, Lady Storm justified her inclusion in the line-up.

She made her life easier, with her energy sapping performance set to revive her fortunes which had taken a serious wane.

“I am happy that this show has opened new doors to me and the band,” she said.

“I have always loved rhumba and this was the being staged to probe my mettle. I wasn’t on vacation but I came here to make a statement,” she said.

Dendera maestro Sulumani Chimbetu proved that he was the man for the big stage.

Where he got the energy to wow fans from start to finish remains a topic for another day.

However, his fans were not amused by his performance.

“He always gives his best each time he takes to the stage. Whether the hall is packed or empty, he makes sure he leaves fans clamouring for more,” said one of Sulu’s associates who escorted him to his car.

“I was humbled by the crowd’s response and it means a lot to me,” he said.

Jah Prayzah had a good day in office.

Kurai Makore, a nephew to US based Chimurenga musician Thomas Mapfumo performed earlier.

Enzo Ishall and Tamy Moyo were also part of the line-up. They also put up a scintillating performances.

South African outfit Mafikizolo were the closing act, going on stage 4am but did not disappoint.

Event organisers, Odyssey Entertainment, nailed it.

Despite late kick-off, everything was in place.

The stage met international standards while the lighting and sound was superb.

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