Maid steals heart, money of her boss’ husband


Mildred Chandiwana thought she had found the perfect domestic worker in Susan Temberere, who she hired from the village to help her with household chores.

Little did she know that Susan had other plans in mind, such as seducing her husband and scamming him out of his hard-earned cash.

Susan, who claimed to be a single mother, managed to charm the headmaster of a local school, who was Mildred’s husband. She told him that she was divorced and that she had no one to support her.

She also pretended to be pregnant with his child and demanded US$2 000 to abort it.

The headmaster, who was blinded by love (or lust), took the money from his joint account with Mildred and gave it to Susan.

However, Susan was not pregnant at all. She used the money to pay for her son’s school fees and to start a business selling second hand clothes in Sakubva Musika, a popular market in Mutare.

She also dumped the headmaster and moved on to other men.

Mildred, who worked in Harare, was shocked when she returned home and discovered the affair.

She confronted Susan at her stall in Sakubva and accused her of being a husband snatcher and a gold digger. She also demanded that she return the money that she stole from her husband.

Susan, however, was not intimidated by Mildred. She taunted her and said that she was old and dirty and that her husband preferred her because she was young and fresh.

She also said that she could report her to anyone but she would get away with anything.

She even stripped off her skirt in public and challenged Mildred to fight her.

The two women ended up in Mutare Magistrates Civil Court, where Susan applied for a protection order against Mildred. She said that Mildred was harassing and insulting her and that she wanted peace.

Mildred denied ever harassing Susan and said that she was the one who provoked her. She also said that Susan had betrayed her trust and that her husband had ended the affair long ago after realizing that she was after his money.

Mr Xavier Chipato, who presided over the matter, dismissed Susan’s application and said that she wanted to use the protection order for the wrong reasons.

He advised the two women to settle their differences amicably and to move on with their lives.

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