Mutsvangwa exhibits Zanu tendency on SA TV

Zanu PF spokesman Chris Mutsvangwa,


He is used to bullying ZBC staff members

Zanu-PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa has lambasted “bone-head” critics who he claims are making Zimbabwe “look like a basket case”.

Speaking to Newzroom Afrika this week about the upcoming national elections, Mutsvangwa urged Zimbabweans living in South Africa to return home to vote.

Responding to a question on whether Zanu-PF was financing its election campaign using state resources, Mutsvangwa waxed lyrical about the country’s growth and how it had accomplished things SA had not.

He claimed Zimbabwe‘s economy is “pumping and will become the fastest growing economy on the African continent”.

Asked whether his party took responsibility for “running Zimbabwe down the drain”, Mutsvangwa accused host Xoli Mngambi and other critics of being ignorant.

“Come to Zimbabwe and see what is on the ground. Only you and some bone heads who try to paint Zimbabwe in a certain manner are trying to make us look like we are a basket case. We are not.

“We are not a province of South Africa. Don’t patronise Zimbabwe.”

“Only you and some bony heads who try to paint Zimbabwe in a certain manner, are trying to make us look like we are a basket case… We are not a province of South Africa,” Zanu-PF Spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa tells @XoliMngambi.

Zimbabwe’s Parliament recently approved a controversial law criticised by the opposition as a “draconian” attempt to quash dissent ahead of next month’s elections.

The Zimbabwe lower house passed the bill that criminalises acts which damage “the sovereignty and national interest” of Zimbabwe. Those who break this bill could face up to 20 years in prison.

Journalist and activist Hopewell Chin’ono labelled it “a very sad day for Zimbabwe”.

“Free speech is now dead,” he added.

Zanu-PF vs CCC

Elections for the National Assembly and local government will be held on 23 August, with President Emmerson Mnangagwa‘s Zanu-PF facing the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)’s all-time powerful Nelson Chamisa.

The Zanu-PF has been in power since independence in 1980

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