Nelson Chamisa’s biblical tweets spark outrage

BIBLICAL LEADER: Nelson Chamisa accused of hiding behind bible pages


..as citizens disparage him for failing to provide a political solution

CCC leader Nelson Chamisa has been roasted by social media users for posting Bible verses on X (formerly Twitter) instead of giving his supporters a clear plan of action after he rejected the results of the 23 August Harmonised Elections alleging rigging.

Chamisa, who claims to have won the election by 66.6% of the vote, has been accused of hiding behind religion and giving his followers false hope while the country is facing a political and economic crisis.

Posting on X this Saturday, 09 September, Chamisa quoted a Bible verse from the Gospel of John and prefixed it with the phrase “hope can’t be stolen”. He wrote:

HOPE CAN’T BE STOLEN…The devil does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly. John 10:10 Jesus Christ is our hope of glory.#Godisinit Keep strong! Blessed Sabbath beloved!

However, the tweet did not go down well with some of his followers, who questioned his leadership and urged him to take decisive action against the ruling party.

Chairman Mbolza responded:

Political problems need political solutions Mr President, we can’t pray a dictator out of power. David understood the importance of prayer and also understood the importance of taking decisive action. It took a stone to take down Goliath. Prayer and action equal results.

In response, Chamisa said:

Prayer is the greatest form of action! Prayer is a weapon of mass destruction against all oppression. We pray and Act. David would pray and then act. Remember Ziklag!! Never discount prayer! Prayer works. Prayer saves!! Be blessed, my dear brother.

“Critical Thinker” then told Chamisa not to give his supporters false hope without taking action, to which the CCC leader responded:

You shall see the best for our country! I worship a living God. Mark this tweet!

A lawyer for disqualified 2023 presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere, Jacqueline Sande, said:

Your supporters are looking to you for political leadership and direction counsel, not spiritual inspiration. What should happen now?

Chamisa’s biblical tweets also attracted some sarcastic and humorous comments from other X users, who mocked his faith and his lack of strategy.

Here are some of the public responses:

  • @Munya: Maybe you should try walking on water next time.
  • @Tafadzwa: I hope you are not planning to part the Zambezi River like Moses.
  • @Rudo: How about you turn water into wine and share it with your supporters? They could use a drink after this election.
  • @Tendai: You should have quoted Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 instead. There is a time for everything, including conceding defeat.
  • @Simba: Are you waiting for a burning bush to tell you what to do?
  • @Chipo: Maybe you should ask God to send you some manna from heaven, because we are starving here.
  • @Tapiwa: You are not Jesus, you are Judas. You betrayed your supporters by not challenging the election results in court.
  • @Nyasha: You are delusional Mr President. You need a reality check, not a Bible verse.

Chamisa has not responded to any of these comments, but has continued to post more Bible verses on X, claiming that God is on his side and that he will soon deliver Zimbabwe from its troubles.

Some analysts have suggested that Chamisa is using religion as a coping mechanism and a way of maintaining his popularity among his loyal supporters, who still believe that he is the legitimate president of Zimbabwe.

Others have argued that Chamisa is losing touch with reality and that he should accept the outcome of the election and work with the government to address the challenges facing the country.

What do you think? Is Chamisa a man of faith or a man of folly? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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