Zvobgo Jnr finally overcomes perennial loser tag

WINNER: Eddison Zvobgo Junior


Edison Zvobgo Jnr earned the tag of perennial loser after his numerous attempts to win a parliamentary seat in Masvingo always ended in defeat.

A lawyer by profession and hotel proprietor, Zvobgo Jnr failed for 15 years to win in Zanu PF primaries.

He contested in 2008 and 2013 in Masvingo South, but lost to fellow businessman Edmund Mhere.

In 2018, Zvobgo Jnr tried his third consecutive bid in Masvingo Urban, but again lost to Bernard Mazarire, a retired army major.

Those who were following his political attempts said Zvobgo Jnr had dismally failed to fit in his late father Edison Zvobgo’s shoes

The late national hero and Harvard University trained lawyer Zvobgo Snr was celebrated as a tactful and shrewd politician.

He died in 2004 at the age of 69 and is remembered up to this day for daring to openly criticise the late president Robert Mugabe at a time it was considered taboo in Zanu PF.

Zvobgo Snr was one of the founders of Zanu and spokesperson of the Patriotic Front at the Lancaster House negotiations in late 1979.

In the 1980 elections, he contested and won a parliamentary seat in Masvingo, which he held until his death in 2004.

He was in the first cabinet after independence in 1980 and headed the Local Government and Housing ministry until 1982 and then justice ministry until 1985.

In 1987, he was appointed Parliamentary and Constitutional Affairs minister.

The outspoken politician, who was known for being frank with Mugabe was appointed Mines minister in 1992.

Mugabe, who was becoming angry with Zvobgo, demoted the politician to minister without portfolio in 1996, before dropping him from cabinet in 2000.

Following this rich political history many were wondering how Zvobgo Jnr, eldest son to the late nationalist was failing to make it in politics.

But Zvobgo Jnr proved he was a political fighter and early this year he won the Zanu PF primaries to be the party’s parliament candidate in Masvingo Central.

In the August 23 harmonised elections Zvobgo Jnr, subsequently, won the constituency.

He told The Standard in a recent interview that Masvingo needed to deal “once and for all” with the bad image it has carried for years- that of being the most divided province in Zanu PF.

“Look Zanu PF is one big family and most members are linked and related to both dead and living founding members of the party,” he said.

“We have a task to unify the province, make it great and play its part in contributing to the country’s economic growth.


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