Chamisa thin in strategy, thick in verses: Chin’ono

BIBLICAL LEADER: Nelson Chamisa accused of hiding behind bible pages


Renowned journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has expressed doubt over Nelson Chamisa’s ability to bring about the desired change in Zimbabwe. 

Chin’ono, who previously endorsed Chamisa as the “best foot forward” for change, now questions whether the opposition leader’s strategy, which he dismisses as being limited to Bible verses without action, is still viable after Chamisa’s recent defeat by Zanu PF’s Emmerson Mnangagwa12.

In his tweet, Chin’ono wrote: “Nelson Chamisa said that victory was coming and that celebrations were coming too in 2018, yesterday he said the same thing again 5 years later. Is it not common sense to ask whether there is a real plan when a leader repeats the same thing five years later?”.

He further urged citizens to exercise their intellectual freedom by asking pertinent questions and criticized any attempts to stifle such inquiries.

The public response to Chin’ono’s tweet has been varied. Some have echoed his sentiments, calling for more concrete plans from Chamisa and the CCC. Others have defended Chamisa, arguing that his leadership and commitment to change are evident.

Chamisa himself responded to the criticism by calling for peace among his supporters and emphasizing the importance of unity in achieving change. He stated: “Fellow Citizens, Brothers and Sisters a lot has happened, this is not the time to trade barbs and fight each other. We give oppressors oxygen and a lifeline. Let’s fix our eyes on the prize.”

As Zimbabwe reflects on the results of the 2023 elections, it remains to be seen how these discussions will shape public opinion and influence the strategies of political parties moving forward.

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