Chin’ono mulls formation of new political party

OPINION LEADER: Hopewell Chin'ono


Prominent Zimbabwean journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has called for the formation of a new political party to challenge the ruling ZANU-PF, following what he perceives as the failure of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) despite its widespread support and goodwill

Chin’ono, known for his fearless reporting and criticism of the government, has expressed concern that this new party will be discredited by CCC as a ZANU-PF project designed to sabotage Chamisa2.

“It is astounding because if a new party is formed today, you will call it a ZANUPF project, and you will insult everyone in it as a ZANUPF surrogate,” said Chin’ono.

Chin’ono’s call comes in the context of a politically charged environment in Zimbabwe, where accusations of corruption and mismanagement have been leveled against the ruling party1

His outspoken criticism of the government has led to multiple arrests in the past31, but this has not deterred him from voicing his opinions and advocating for political change3.

The public response to Chin’ono’s call has been varied. Some agree with his perspective, acknowledging the need for a new political force in Zimbabwe4

Others disagree, arguing that new parties often do have ties to ZANU-PF or that forming a new party is a legitimate response to dissatisfaction with existing ones4.

“What is wrong with engaging on the content of what has been raised, instead of always going for the Robert Mugabe default of deflecting intellectual discourse by saying, “Form Your Own Party,” he added.

Chin’ono’s call for a new political party in Zimbabwe underscores his commitment to political change and accountability.

It also highlights the challenges faced by new political entities in a landscape dominated by established parties and fraught with accusations of sabotage and deception.

His call is a testament to the dynamic and often contentious nature of Zimbabwe’s political landscape.

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