Politics is not a child play: Zanu PF to CCC

Obert Mpofu


By Dr Obert Moses Mpofu

POLITICS is no child’s play. The opposition CCC are learning that now, the hard way, and they rightfully should. There are always consequences for every action. Miscalculations can be extremely costly. You see, the business of politics is profitable only when you win votes. It is simply a game of numbers and nothing else. But to do this and be able to maintain whatever gains that would have been achieved requires great skill and wit, especially when it comes to organising one’s political outfit and turning it into a mass-line party.

My Party, Zanu-PF has perfected this over many years and this is testament to my Party’s ability to attract faithful supporters as well as cadres loyal and patriotic to our cause, which translates to votes. A false sense of charisma that Chamisa has will not cut it.

Chamisa’s house of cards is crumbling and he is undoubtedly suffering from his lack of organisation and lack of structures whereas  Zanu-PF has proper functioning structures. Indeed “musangano wakasimba kumasero”. As a matter of fact, and in all seriousness, the Chamisa Chete Chete (CCC) cannot be regarded as a political party at all.

It lacks all essential elements of a function political party.

Contrary to the falsehoods being spread on social media, (as I alluded to in my article last week on disinformation and derailing the people’s agenda), my Party  Zanu-PF has nothing to do with the skirmishes, and drama unfolding in the CCC outfit. The CCC has been doing quite the good job of destroying itself all by themselves.

Like what the disgruntled Tendai Biti, who was cheated out of a Parliamentary seat by Chamisa said in a recent audio that has been circulating and has sent tongues wagging, “munhu anga achazvipedza ega”.

Chamisa is clearly putting an end to his political career and doing quite the fine job of it.

What is happening with the CCC is simply internal politics at play, and what is certain is that it will leave the CCC outfit in disarray. One Sengezo Tshabangu, the Secretary-General of the CCC and his recent antics have caused Chamisa a great deal of anguish. Be that as it may, whatever is happening there is an internal issue which has got nothing to do with  Zanu-PF.

I’m told that this Sengezo Tshabangu fellow is a well-known and bona fide member of the CCC outfit and it is therefore clear that recent events are all but a factional battle between Chamisa and some CCC folks who are aggrieved by Chamisa’s dictatorial tendencies, lack of organisation and direction as well as his failure to account for party funds.

As a result, certain members within Chamisa’s file and rank are fed-up with the way the one-man band, which is the CCC is being run by Chamisa.

Now that Chamisa has been exposed by one of his own, panic has set in and he has begun seeking all manner of attention through desperate tactics. One such antic has been his ill-advised and false claim of having engaged my Party,  Zanu-PF.

As the Secretary-General of my Party, I have not received any message from the CCC to that effect.

If the CCC wishes to engage and dialogue with us, they, like everyone else should join Polad. There will not be any special treatment for these CCC sore losers.

Zanu-PF will not be hoodwinked to sanitise Chamisa’s lie. He was not elected by anyone within his so-called party to take up the leadership position which he now barely and desperately clings on to.

Seemingly reaching out to  Zanu-PF is a ploy to try and save his own skin by associating himself with  Zanu-PF under the pretext of some dialogue.

My Party will not be drawn into this charade of cheap politics. We have the majority in Parliament.
President Mnangagwa won the August 2023 Harmonised Elections resoundingly and therefore we have no reason to entertain Chamisa and his so called CCC party. The ultimatum given by Chamisa that my Party  Zanu-PF has two weeks to respond to his demands for dialogue, is laughable to say the least.

We will not give such madness a moment’s thought.  Zanu-PF is a serious revolutionary and colossal Party which takes seriously issues to do with governing, representing our electorate and ensuring that the needs of our people are met.

We are not responsible for anything that goes on within the opposition’s file and rank. We are too busy and focused on our numerous demanding Party programmes to be focusing on Chamisa’s crumbling house of cards.

The recent rowdy behaviour in Parliament by these CCC MPs clearly demonstrates how unfit for purpose they are and how they shouldn’t be taken seriously at all. Parliamentary business is sacrosanct and should be treated as such.

Now in his superior wisdom or lack of it, Chamisa wants his group of followers to disengage from Parliament and Councils, further abandoning their duties and slapping their constituencies who elected them right in the face. Here I sense cluelessness, panic and a realisation of failure on the part of Chamisa and whatever is left of the CCC outfit.

All manner of parties have come and gone over the past 40 years and none have been successful at unseating my Party Zanu-PF and removing us from the levers of power. If indeed  Zanu-PF is not suitable to govern, let these opposition outfits remove us from power via the ballot.

I don’t think this is attainable.  Zanu-PF is a colossal Party that is well structured and has stood the test of time. While the CCC political novices are stuck in their self-destructive mode, my Party, Zanu-PF is forging ahead with building our beloved motherland Zimbabwe brick upon brick as we march towards Vision 2030.

Dr Obert Moses Mpofu is an Academic and the Secretary-General of  Zanu-PF. He writes in his own capacity.

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