Doctors discover penis on a dying female athlete


In life she was female, but a male in death.

The correct gender of the Zimbabwe athlete, Samukelo Moyo, only came to light upon her death when doctors discovered that she was actually a man.

A male athlete from Zimbabwe who for many years competed as a female long distance runner has died, finally putting an end to the controversy behind his gender.

Samukeliso Sithole rose to prominence when she represented Zimbabwe at international level, bagging awards.

Thereafter, controversy about “her” gender came to light. But while appearing in court a few years ago he said he was a transgender.

But “her” last day on earth this week confirmed Samukeliso to be a man.

The athlete was reportedly stabbed during a family dispute leaving him hospitalised. He was admitted into a female ward under the name Samukeliso Moyo – the name that rose to prominence in long distance running.

All hell broke loose when a doctor called to examine “her” in the female ward discovered that all along he had his penis tied in-between his legs to give a shape that looks like a vagina.

Shocked by the sight of a penis, the doctor called police for help.

After investigation into the matter, police discovered that the woman known to the world as Samukeliso Moyo was actually a 38 year old man by the name Mduduzi Sibanda.

Her boyfriend who reportedly took her to hospital is now on the run allegedly fearing interrogation.

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