Utter Nonsense: Mpofu Rubbishes Recall Letter

Zanu PF Secretary for Administration, Obert Mpofu


By Obert Mpofu

The opposition’s penchant for political mischief will certainly backfire.

As I mentioned in my article last week, Zanu-PF has nothing to do with events occurring in the CCC. The CCC is notably failing because of its own shortcomings. My party will not be dragged into internal CCC squabbles.

The opposition is clearly making an attempt to drag Zanu-PF into its confusion by employing cheap theatrics, and such attempts will clearly fail. As part of the opposition’s ill-advised attempts to hoodwink and deceive the masses, there is a malicious letter purportedly recalling some of my party’s MPs and ostensibly signed by an interim Zanu-PF secretary-general.

Zanu-PF is a party that is guided by its constitution, with well-known structures as well as a leadership known by everyone. As the secretary-general of my party, tasked by the President and First Secretary of Zanu-PF, I am responsible for running the party from the HQ. This is well-known by everyone and all relevant authorities.

Therefore, to suggest that there is some imaginary interim secretary-general of my party, Zanu-PF, is utter nonsense. Even now, as I write this, my mind is torn on whether the childish behaviour being exhibited by the opposition warrants any response.

Well, it is obvious that the authors of this letter were fully aware that no one would believe that it was authentic. Such level of political immaturity and malice is exactly why the opposition finds itself in the mud that it is now.

If one needed proof that the business of governing cannot be left to those with a childish mindset, then this is it. It is evident that, time and again, there seems to be not much careful thought put into the actions by the opposition CCC, of trying to soil the good image of my party, Zanu-PF.

They are so desperate that they have started using ghosts to try and deceive the masses. I have touched on this issue of disinformation in previous submissions. Such child-like behaviour is unbecoming. It is malicious and is aimed at damaging my party Zanu-PF’s reputation and good standing.

Be that as it may, the temperatures are rising within the opposition ranks and it seems all this is a ploy to try and gain attention from my party, Zanu-PF, and His Excellence President ED Mnangagwa to have some sort of dialogue. Zanu-PF is under no obligation to enter into any form of dialogue with the opposition.

We won the election resoundingly because the electorate have faith in the colossal party and its leader, H E  President ED Mnangagwa. Our focus is now on forging ahead with implementing developmental programmes aimed at attaining Vision 2030.

My party, Zanu-PF, will not give the opposition any special treatment. The opposition’s level of entitlement is both worrisome and pitiful. The opposition is well aware of this and have, thus, resorted to all sorts of machinations and malice. However, if the opposition truly wants to engage us on a party-to-party basis, they know where to find us.

Unlike them, we have an address and actual offices. Toxic politics by the CCC, in which they are making attempts to cause chaos and despondency, should not be tolerated.

Dr Obert Moses Mpofu is an academic and the secretary-general of Zanu-PF. He writes in his own capacity.

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