Video Reveals Juliet Kadungure’s Final Moments Amidst Tragic Bus Accident

GONE: Juliet Ginimbi


Baba D ndakufa panapa, bus raita accident…Juliet Kadungure talks to her husband over the phone before she dies

Heart-Wrenching Video Allegedly Depicting Juliet Kadungure’s Final Moments has emerged. In the aftermath of the devastating bus accident that claimed the life of Ginimbi’s sister, Juliet Kadungure, a gut-wrenching video has surfaced on social media, allegedly capturing her last moments and words before the fateful incident. Zimbabwe Observer couldn’t publish the video due to ethical issues involved.

Juliet, who was the sister of the late Genius Kadungure, known as Ginimbi, tragically met her demise while en route to Harare from Tanzania.

The timing of Juliet’s untimely passing bears an eerie twist, occurring on what would have marked Ginimbi’s 39th birthday. It’s a grim coincidence that mirrors the tragic loss of Ginimbi himself in a horrific car accident back in November 2020, leaving the Kadungure family grappling with yet another heart-wrenching tragedy.

Video Allegedly Showing Juliet Kadungure’s Final Moments The heart-rending video, now making rounds on social media, offers a glimpse into the distressing moments of the bus accident. The footage captures an injured woman, believed to be Juliet, lying near the wreckage of the bus with her face covered in blood. The emotional weight of the situation is palpable as Juliet converses with her husband over the phone, all while someone records the somber scene.

In the video, she can be heard saying, “Baba D ndakufa panapa, bus raita accident” (Baba D, I’m dying here, the bus has had an accident), just before the video abruptly concludes.

These poignant words have left viewers haunted by the harrowing ordeal she faced.

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