ED is now a caretaker President: Kasukuwere

Kasukuwere, Mnangagwa and Moyo during happier times


Former Zanu PF legislator Savior Kasukuwere has urged Zimbabweans to respect the caretaker authority led by Emmerson Mnangagwa while the country prepares for fresh elections to address legitimacy issues.

Posting on Twitter, Kasukuwere who is currently exiled in South Africa said said the adoption of the SADC SEOM report by the bloc creates a Presidential vacancy which means Mnangagwa becomes a caretaker leader.

Below is the full thread posted by AllianceZw which is fronted by Kasukuwere.

“The adoption on 4/11/2023 of the SEOM report on Zimbabwe in Luanda Angola has the net effect of declaring a vacancy in Zim Presidency as well as other elective posts. It upholds the nullity of the elections. @SADC_News noted, adopted, & committed to act on it

“It’s fact that according to the SEOM Report which the Zimbabwean authorities have not disputed in part or in whole & as adopted by SADC_News, we woke up today without a President save for a caretaker authority which we all shall respect as they shepherd us into legitimacy

“We urge you to be strong & of good courage, while in all manner respecting the sanctity of life, the independence, peace & stability of our land. No one is bigger than Zimbabwe. In the end we are all fighting for a developed, prosperous, peaceful, tolerant & inclusive country

“The @SADC_News EOM Report correctly asserts that the conduct of @ZECzim in 23/08/23 elections violated the Zimbabwe Constitution and the election itself fell short of & violated SADC guidelines on the conduct of elections & as such it’s results cannot stand. It’s a nullity,” said Kasukuwere.

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