Botswana citizens against passport-free agreement with Zimbabwe

PRESIDENTS: Botswana president Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi and his Zimbabwe counterpart, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa


In Botswana, a growing sentiment among concerned citizens is calling for the termination of the passport-free agreement with Zimbabwe.

Expressing their views on various social media platforms, these individuals assert a preference for a similar arrangement with South Africa over Zimbabwe.

The demand for terminating the agreement highlights a specific dissatisfaction with the current arrangement with Zimbabwe.

Citizens are utilizing social media as a platform to voice their concerns and articulate their desire for a change in diplomatic terms.

The emphasis on preferring a passport-free agreement with South Africa suggests a comparative evaluation of the benefits and drawbacks associated with each neighboring country.

While the exact reasons for the discontentment are not explicitly stated, it can be inferred that citizens perceive advantages or compatibility in having such an agreement with South Africa, possibly based on factors such as economic ties, ease of travel, or political stability.

This public outcry on social media signifies the influence and impact of digital platforms in shaping public opinion and facilitating collective expression.

The call for termination implies a desire for a reconsideration of diplomatic relations and a reevaluation of the perceived advantages or disadvantages of the existing agreement.

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