Fat businessman and lover scamper through window as lodge catches fire

Great escape


ZAMBIA: In a recent incident, a lodge, synonymous with clandestine affairs, became the scene of unexpected chaos as a local businessman and his slender lover were compelled to make a hasty exit through windows when the establishment caught fire.

Frequented by those seeking discreet encounters, the lodge became a temporary refuge for individuals indulging in private moments. However, unbeknownst to them, a fiery twist awaited, triggered by an electrical fault that ignited a blaze on the ground floor, blocking access to the main exit.

With the inferno escalating, the lodge’s management and onlookers decided that the quickest escape route was through the windows. As the drama unfolded, a crowd gathered outside, drawn by the commotion and eager to capture the unfolding spectacle on their phones.

Amid the chaotic scene, lodge occupants, desperate to flee the engulfing flames, were assisted through the windows. Onlookers below witnessed the unfolding events, documenting the escapades on their mobile devices. A particularly memorable moment occurred when a slender lady descended with the help of a rescue ladder, her clothes thrown down from above.

The climax of the episode featured a stout, pot-bellied man appearing at a window, provoking laughter from the onlookers. Contemplating his descent onto the waiting ladder, he became a source of amusement for the crowd, adding a comedic twist to the unexpected turn of events.

Their names have not been revealed.

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