Merchants of death strike again with fake whiskey


Fake whiskey merchants have struck again and flooded the market with counterfeit Jameson Irish whiskey, cashing in on rising demand ahead of the festive season.

Experts say consumption of such fake beverages could result in cancer, liver disease, hormone imbalances, loss of hair and even DEATH.

There has been concern over the proliferation of fake alcoholic products on the market and the fake dealers have also targeted Johnnie Walker Gold Label, Two Keys, Bols Brandy and an assortment of wines.

They target mass products and appear to stay clear of the expensive brands like Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Glenfiddich 18, 21, 23, 26, 30 and 50 single malt range.

BullRed Distributors, the official suppliers of Jameson Irish whiskey in Zimbabwe, have been battling these fake whiskey merchants for years now but they just keep coming back.

This year, the distributors have responded by introducing extra security features on their bottles, such as a holographic sticker with a QR code.

This is meant to help consumers distinguish between the real product and fake ones.

There were reports last year that a man died in Harare, after he developed some stomach complications, having consumed fake Jameson whiskey.

“We have worked very hard to address this issue from all angles and added the security features on our bottles at no extra cost to the consumer.

“Sadly, in this environment, some unscrupulous businesspeople will place profits over people.

“This is why illicit alcohol finds its way into the market.

“There are several health risks, which vary in severity from alcohol poisoning to cancer, liver disease, hormone imbalances, loss of hair and even death,” BullRed Distributors said.

The distributors added:

“We have now added a holographic sticker with a QR code. This new sticker has a sticker with a multicolour holographic effect that cannot easily be replicated.”

The company said consumers should also know that Jameson Irish Whiskey is not made with any sugars.

“So, it should not stick when poured in a glass and if a consumer dips their fingers in a glass of Jameson whiskey, they should not feel sticky.

“We are also engaging the media and the relevant authorities to help ensure we continue to educate and protect consumers.”


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