‘What CCC must do after crooked Tshabangu and ZANU PF parly heist’

OPINION LEADER: Hopewell Chin'ono


By Hopewell Chin’ono

Some folks have asked me what needs to be done now since the crooked Tshabangu/ZANU PF coordinated plan has been fully implemented.

Well, ZANU PF now has a Two-Thirds majority in parliament after stealing Mabvuku and the subsequent seats coming its way thanks to Tshabangu.

That is all they ever wanted so that they can mutilate Zimbabwe’s constitution and create an Imperial Presidency with no term limits.

So let us agree that the opposition CCC MPs are now simply going to parliament to collect their salaries, perks, the 4×4 and heckle their corrupt ZANU PF counterparts to no material effect.

There is now nothing that CCC MPs can stop in parliament after the catastrophic mistakes by their leadership of first not pulling out of parliament when Tshabangu’s nonsense started, and secondly, when they didn’t listen to the advice to run as Independents.

There is nothing else that can be done since it is now clear that Tshabangu is a ZANU PF pawn, after opposing an application to reinstate the Mabvuku-Tafara Member of Parliament when he initially lied on Blessed Mhlanga’s show that he had recalled the CCC Mabvuku-Tafara MP by mistake.

Now that we are here, remaining in parliament is only to give legitimacy to ZANU PF’s corrupt rule agenda so that it pretends internationally that there is democracy in Zimbabwe, when there is none!

The opposition must remain in councils because they are in control of them, and ZANU PF was never interested in them as of now, if ZANU PF starts recalling more opposition councillors through Tshabangu, then CCC should pull out too.

CCC MUST realise that the game is up and that it can’t continue cuddling ZANU PF in its madness and continued mutilation of the constitution, unless it is deliberately complicit!

ZANU PF doesn’t want CCC to pull out of parliament because it knows that there will be consequences internationally if parliament remains in the hands of ZANU PF exclusively without opposition MPs.

Even the empty attempts to engage with the West and its international financial institutions will STOP, it will be a pariah regime!

Remaining in parliament will protect ZANU PF internationally, is that what CCC wants?

Those in the diplomatic community that will urge the opposition to remain in parliament will be doing so for selfish reasons, either as emissaries of ZANU PF or for their country’s selfish interests.

Nelson Chamisa faces one big problem, most of his MPs campaigned using their own resources to get to parliament, and for many of them, parliament is a job and not a calling.

Many of them have never had a single’s day work, this is their first job.

So they might defy him if he asks them to pull out, but that will be good for him if they do so in my view, because the public needs to know those who are in it for money, and those who are in it for the struggle.

I know most of those guys, they won’t pull out, they will defy him, and it won’t be in his financial interest too because they pay a tithe to the party.

Some of Chamisa’s advisers who are handled by the regime will also advise him against pulling out, remember the regime needs CCC in parliament.

Chamisa is facing complex challenges both politically and strategically and they are made worse by the fact that he has no strong and fearless team around him.

The truth is that without pulling out of parliament or a political revolution, you will have to wait for 2028 or for internal contradictions in ZANU PF to resolve themselves!

Remember that Mnangagwa is not only dealing with the opposition, he is also solidifying his power and tightening his grip on on both ZANU PF and the State.

Pulling out would make sense, but it won’t happen, for now Tshabangu will only recall troublesome MPs on ZANU PF’s request!

ZANU PF needs CCC in parliament for a false semblance of democracy to be projected internationally, it will do anything for CCC not to leave!

Hopewell Chin’ono is an award winning Zimbabwean international journalist and documentary filmmaker. He was the African Journalist of the year twice in 2008 and in 2020. In January 2022, he was named among the top 100 most influential Africans for the year 2021 by the British based New African Magazine.

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