Zimra threatens to impound imported vihecles



Zimra gives December 15 deadline to regularise improperly cleared vehicles

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has urged the public and entities in possession of imported vehicles which were not properly cleared with the tax collector to regularise the process by December 15 this year or suffer forfeiture of the movable property.

In a statement, ZIMRA said irregular cases include vehicles that could have been undervalued smuggled, imported on temporary importation permits and where the permit should be rectified.

Others include cases where vehicles were acquired out of procedure, or where a regular permit or Temporary Importation Permit (TIP) have expired.

The tax collector said some of the cars could have been cleared through a false claim to a rebate or suspension of duty or any other violation of the legislation governing the importation of vehicles.

“Persons in possession of the vehicles with circumstances described above are advised to contact their nearest ZIMRA Offices through the contact details in the table below by no later than 15 December 2023 to regularise the clearances of the vehicle.

“Note that penalties may be waived, depending on circumstances.

“The full duties, including additional duties assessed and interest on any unpaid duties will remain due and payable.

“Please note that this moratorium ends after 15 December 2023 and any irregularly cleared vehicle encountered thereafter will be treated as liable to seizure and possible forfeiture in terms of the Customs and Excise Act,” ZIMRA said.

In 2019, government introduced a motor vehicle rebate scheme in which civil servants who have served for 10 years and above could import vehicles without paying duty.

The scheme has however been abused by individuals and ZIMRA officers at borders often forging civil service rebate letters to import vehicles for resale.


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