Masvingo urban MP Martin Mureri leaves CCC

Adv Mureri Martin MP


Martin Mureri, Masvingo Urban Member of Parliament, has resigned from the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party, following the footsteps of Nelson Chamisa, who was the party’s leader.

In a statement, Mureri expressed his support for Chamisa’s future actions and confirmed his alignment with Chamisa’s vision for democratic change in Zimbabwe. Mureri said:

Dear Masvingo Urban Residents & Stakeholders

In unequivocal terms with clarity and precision, persuaded by the ethos of the democratic trajectory and roadmap for Changing the lives of the people of Zimbabwe , in particular , Masvingo Urban Constituency @nelsonchamisa

At this moment today on the 25th of January in the year Two Thousand and Twenty Four (2024) , I hereby renounce my Citizens Coalition For Change (CCC) membership following the resignation of President Advocate Nelson Chamisa yesterday.

I was elected under the leadership of Pres Chamisa, I was voted by the people of Masvingo Urban with full knowledge that I was a deployee pushing the liberation of Zimbabwe under his able leadership. His departure from the CCC marks the end of my era in the organisation.

I fully associate myself with his vision, I will answer to his clarion call in a renewed Citizens fight against autocracy, state capture, lawfare, and emancipation of our masses

As reiterated by president that he shall be announcing the next steps going forward, I pledge my association with whatever resolution shall be issued. I shall never auction the struggle at the altar of expediency.

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