Zanu PF to arrest Chamisa over CCC donations

Zanu PF spokesman Chris Mutsvangwa,


In a startling development in Zimbabwean politics, ZANU PF spokesman Christopher Mutsvangwa has issued a stark warning to opposition figure Nelson Chamisa.

In a press conference held on Saturday, Mutsvangwa declared that legal action would be taken against Chamisa if he attempts to form a new party following his departure from the CCC institution, which Mutsvangwa alleges has been compromised by ZANU PF.

Mutsvangwa accused Chamisa of fleeing his responsibilities and wresting power within the CCC to create a party called “Wapusa Wapusa.”

He criticized Chamisa for purportedly listening only to foreign influences and ignoring domestic voices. Mutsvangwa highlighted that Chamisa’s exit from the party has opened doors for investigations into his leadership, especially regarding financial matters within the organization.

“The courts in this country stand for everyone without partiality. No one stops the court from ruling,” Mutsvangwa stated, implying that Chamisa might face legal scrutiny for his past actions. He also alluded to potential enemies and aggrieved parties within the courts who might have grievances against Chamisa.

This announcement has sent ripples through the political landscape of Zimbabwe, raising questions about the future of opposition politics and the extent of legal challenges that Chamisa might face. It also underscores the tense and often confrontational nature of Zimbabwe’s political arena, where party affiliations and leadership disputes frequently spill over into public and legal domains.

As the situation develops, observers are closely monitoring Chamisa’s next moves and the potential implications of Mutsvangwa’s threats on Zimbabwe’s political stability and the broader democratic process.

Meanwhile Zanu PF Varakashi Pile Pressure on CCC MPs to Resign from Parliament

In a surprising turn of events, Chamisa’s decision to resign from CCC has sparked a dilemma for Zanu PF Varakashi, who are now pushing for CCC MPs to follow suit and resign from Zimbabwe’s Parliament.

In response to Chamisa’s resignation, Zanu PF’s Operation Restore Legacy released a statement emphasizing the legal procedure outlined in Section 129(1)(b) for MPs to resign from the Zimbabwean Parliament.

This section mandates that MPs must formally submit a written notice of resignation to the Speaker of Parliament, who in turn is required to acknowledge the receipt of the notice.

The political maneuvering by Zanu PF Varakashi raises questions about the potential implications for the CCC and the broader political landscape in Zimbabwe.

Chamisa’s departure from the CCC is a significant development, and the ensuing efforts to persuade CCC MPs to leave Parliament add a layer of complexity to an already dynamic political environment.

The strategic implications of these resignations could shape the future landscape of Zimbabwean politics.

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