Cabinet Minister fakes break-in after hubby catches her with boyfriend


A married female cabinet minister who is at the centre of a cheating scandal allegedly faked a break-in after her husband caught her with her boyfriend at their home.

As reported by ZimLive, the minister who cannot be named for legal reasons, on a date in late January this year, phoned Makoni police in Chitungwiza and reported that there was an intruder at her home in the neighbourhood.

Police officers rushed to the minister’s home and arrested the man, who said he was from Rwanda, but she allegedly asked them not to question him.

According to ZimLive, the minister was appointed to cabinet last September after years of activism in a women’s organisation established to praise President Emmerson Mnangagwa. She is said to be in her late 30s.

The police officers followed their normal procedures and hauled the “intruder” in for questioning anyway, and at the end of the interview, they had gathered information which may end the minister’s marriage and career.

Unsure how to proceed, senior officers told the minister that it was best to resolve the matter away from the glare of the public, which was inevitable if they took him to court. No charges were brought and the man was released.

The “intruder” allegedly told the officers that the minister had invited him to the house and that he was the father of her two children whom she has for years passed off as her husband’s. Said the source:

He produced DNA results showing that he was the father of the minister’s two children.

He went further, he said he built the house where he had just been arrested and has receipts for all the materials used to construct it.

The man told the police officers that he had been at the house because the minister called her for a meeting – before her husband arrived unexpectedly. Said a source:

She had called the Rwandese guy to discuss child support, she wanted US$10 000 per month.

When her husband arrived, the minister didn’t think she could explain the scene away and decided to call the police saying the man was an intruder.

Her husband now knows the truth because of her clumsy handling of the incident.

ZimLive reported they were not been able to independently confirm the man’s claims of being the father of the minister’s two children.

When the minister was asked to comment on the allegations. She responded: “I can’t comment.”

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said: “I haven’t received such a report.”

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