Ncube & colleagues are not CCC : Mkwananzi

CCC Spokesman Promise Mkwananzi


The CCC has taken note of the desperate, malicious and fallacious claims by Welshman Ncube to the effect that he is now the Acting President of the party.

He claims to derive his “authority” from a defunct Standing Committee elected at a supreme court nullified Congress of the MDC of 2019.

Professor Ncube and Tendai Biti the Co-Vice Presidents of MDCA and Jacob Mafume are lawyers and should know better that they cannot claim legitimacy from a process that the Supreme Court nullified. You cannot put something on nothing and expect it to stand

The CCC want to categorically state that Prof. Welshman Ncube is not its Acting President and that he and his lot are caught in a time warp.

The lot is merely advancing a factional and divisive agenda aimed at disrupting the peace and progress of the Citizens movement.

The Citizens Coalition for Change was founded on January 24, 2022, as a new formation and legal entity, separate in structure, formulation and leadership from the MDC and/or MDC Alliance.

It is these fundamental distinctions between the CCC and the MDC-A which isolated these factional and divisive characters from the citizens’ project.

It must be stated for completeness that both Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube have not been active members in good standing of the CCC having only attended not more than two of the 25 CNA meetings held to date.

The highest policy-making body of the Citizens Coalition for Change is the Citizens National Assembly (CNA) which is constituted of representatives from all the sixty-three districts in Zimbabwe plus Harare and Bulawayo.

The management of the party has always been through its bureaus, namely, Administration, Organising, Elections, Communications, International Relations, legal, Welfare, Youth and Women.

The Administration Bureau now led by Senator Jameson Timba and composed of all Bureau Chiefs plus ten Provincial representatives is in charge of the party following the resignation of the Change Champion In Chief.

There is no Standing Committee in the structure and anatomy of the CCC. The mandate of the Bureau of Administration and its leadership is derived from the Citizens National Assembly (CNA) as given on January 30, 2024.

We have taken note of the desperate and futile attempts at a reincarnation by the failed MDC-N and the PDP through public statements by Tendai Biti, Jacob Mafume and Welshman Ncube who now seek to claim paternity and leadership of the CCC.

It has now become clear to any reasonable person that these gentlemen and their cohorts have always been a part of the coordinated attack on the Citizens’ movement through the numerous recalls.

Their agenda is to reverse the democratic will of Zimbabweans across the country. And, as clearly articulated by Prof. Welshman Ncube, these are the handlers of Sengezo Tshabangu.

The apparent attacks directed at the CCC have been to the benefit of ZANU PF, which now holds a 2/3 majority in the Lower House.

This demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that Welshman Ncube et al have become enemies of the citizens’ aspirations for democracy and prosperity in Zimbabwe.

We wish to assure the Citizens of Zimbabwe and all progressive forces that the leadership of CCC will defend the people’s project from the machinations of these characters.

They will not stop our march to freedom, democracy, prosperity and the transition to NEW POLITICS.

Further, our CCC Leadership, the CNA and all party deployees in Parliament and Councils are undeterred and remain focused on addressing the plight of citizens amidst a growing economic meltdown in the country.

In the meantime, citizens are advised that the Supreme Court will tomorrow, the 22nd of February 2024 at 9:30 am, sit to determine an appeal filed by our deployees against the decision of the High Court per Justice Mutevedzi which dismissed their application in October 2023.

The said application was filed challenging the authority of the imposter, Sengezo Tshabangu to effect recalls of CCC Members of Parliament.

Citizens are encouraged to come out in solidarity with their elected representatives and the party.

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