Man ends up parked on a grave after spending quality time with a prostitute


In the quiet town of Gweru, a tale most peculiar unfolded, one that would rouse the spirits of intrigue and mystery. A local man, whose evening began with convivial company at a neighborhood eatery, found himself ensnared in an eerie nocturnal escapade.

As the moon cast its silvery glow, the gentleman in question, whose identity remains shrouded in the night’s embrace, sought the charm of a lady’s presence at the local dining establishment. Little did he know, his night would take a turn for the extraordinary.

The witching hour was upon the town when the man’s slumber was abruptly shattered. He awoke to a scene so surreal it would make one’s skin crawl: his vehicle, a steadfast companion on many a journey, was now eerily perched upon a grave in the Mkoba 9 cemetery. The very earth seemed to whisper tales of the departed as he found himself amidst the silent watchers of the night.

The townsfolk murmured of the incident, their words carrying the weight of disbelief and awe. The driver, still reeling from the night’s phantasmagoric events, recounted his tale with a tremor in his voice. He spoke of the woman, a mysterious figure whose allure had drawn him through the night, leading him to what he believed to be her abode. Alas, as the veil of darkness lifted, he was greeted not by the warmth of a home but by the cold, solemn presence of the cemetery’s silent inhabitants.

Such was the tale that befell this unsuspecting soul, a narrative that now weaves itself into the fabric of Gweru’s enigmatic history. A reminder that sometimes, the line between the living and the eternal rest is but a thin veil, easily crossed in the depth of night.

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