Free Terrence Manjengwa

Terrence Majengwa


By Job Wiwa Sikhala

When I was in prison one young man called Terrence Manjengwa, through pain of my incarceration and persecution came to attend my Court sessions at Rotten Row Magistrates Court.

Poor fellows in chambers upon their heads which they call riot gear refused him entrance to come and follow proceedings of my case.

These are penniless idiots who were used to intimidate all those who came to give me solidarity at Rotten Row Magistrates Court. Terrence resisted this injustice and told these idiots that there is no reason why they were refusing them the right to hear the proceedings of my case in the Court.

I later found out that the video of their resistance against police bullism went viral when they were telling the useless idiots in chambers over their head on the entrance to Court to go to hell.

They arrested him for a charge of criminal nuisance. Since then he is now 50 days in remand prison with courts refusing to grant him bail on the grounds that he ashamed the State.

So stupid are grounds for refusing him bail that people tend to question themselves whether Zimbabwe still has any judiciary to talk about. Does anyone need to ashame a regime which is a shame itself.

I have now taken it upon myself to inform all embassies and important bodies about the injustice perpetrated upon this young man. He is just 26 years old. His wife was expecting and delivered a baby boy last week when the husband is in prison.

The nonsense of punishing people before trial must come to an end. How would a normal country with a properly functioning judiciary system honestly refuse an accused person bail for a charge of criminal nuisance. This must be brought to the world so that everything wrong with our state is exposed.

This is what is called shaming oneself not what Terrence did. Release this young man as soon as possible. Otherwise I will sprink from the slumber.

I don’t give empty threats. It’s not part of my DNA. Release Terrence Manjengwa. Stop doing this kind of nonsense in our country. On Tuesday I am going to address a Press conference concerning the abuse of this young man. Enough is enough.

–Job Wiwa Sikhala is Zengeza West MP


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