Sikhala visits Muchehiwa, Mathuthu in Bulawayo

ZimLive Editor Mduduzi Mathuthu, Hon.Job Sikhala and Mrs Sikhala


Staff Reporter

Spokesman of 31 July Movement (J31M) Hon, Job Sikhala visited the family of Tawanda Machehiwa, a victim of state abduction and torture.

Sikhala who was in Bulawayo to meet several citizens toiling under the tough economic situation listened in horror as Muchehiwa’s uncle Mduduzi Mathuthu gives him details of how his nephew suffered in the hands of suspected members of the secret state agency

“Good people, today I drove to Bulawayo with my wife to empathize with Mduduzi Mathuthu and the family of Tawanda Muchehiwa on the horrendous episode they went through in the hands of State Security agents. I was given a detailed explanation of what happened and the treachery involved,” said Sikhala.

Mathuthu, editor of ZimLive, a popular Zimbabwe digital newspaper, was the target of police raid on the day Muchehiwa was abducted and tortured.

Mathuthu had to go into hiding for fear of his life when the state went for him with the intention to force him to disclose sources of his accurate scoops.

Muchehiwa, a journalism student, was abducted at gunpoint in Bulawayo central business district while in the company of Tendai Masotsha organising the July 31 anti-corruption protests.

He was severely tortured by his captors at an unknown location and suffered kidney failure before being released following a ruling by a High Court judge who ordered his release within 72 hours.

“What made me despairing was the way they felt after my visit. Their spirits were raised high and didn’t want me and my wife to drive back to Harare but put up,”said Sikhala.

Mathuthu also tweeted today to announce Sikhala’s visit to his home.

“Had a visit from Cde Job Sikhala, who was recently in prison but thought he should check-in with myself and nephew Tawanda Muchehiwa after the abuse suffered at the hands of state agents. We thank him for his courage in his leadership sphere, and empathy with our family,” said Mathuthu.

“The story is not only sad but a clear demonstration of an evil system that does not deserve in any government even of animals. However, the strength and determination to march forward is amazing,” said the MDC A Vice Chairman.


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