Kwekwe lawyer sells fuel meant as court exhibit


PROMINENT Kwekwe lawyer, Liberty Mashanyare has been arrested for allegedly obstructing the course of justice after he reportedly instructed his client to dispose fuel that was meant to be used as an exhibit by the State.

Mashanyare (35) reportedly ordered Asif Kurawely, the director of Arman Puma Service Station to dispose 20 000 litres of diesel meant to be used as exhibit by the State. The diesel had been fraudulently acquired from Harare and investigations were still underway.

Mashanyare has since been arraigned before Gweru Magistrate Mrs Magret Mukucha and was granted $5 000 bail. He will be back in court on November 30.

The State alleges that Mashanyare of Mavhiringidze and Mashanyare Legal Practitioners directed Kurawely to dispose 20 000 litres of diesel which were fraudulently acquired despite knowing that it was meant to be used as an exhibit by the police.

Kurawely allegedly fraudulently acquired the diesel from Onismas Kufazvinei of Phoenix Oil Pot Limited in Harare.

A report of fraud was reported at ZRP Kwekwe Central by Christine Matizha, who represented Phoenix Oil Pot against Kufazvinei.

On October 1, a warrant of search and seizure for the diesel was granted by Kwekwe Magistrate Mrs Florence Nago.

On October 3, detectives from CID Kwekwe served the warrant of search and seizure on Kurawely and advised him not to dispose the diesel as it was an exhibit.

On October 9, Kurawely through his lawyer Mashanyare, made an application for cancellation of the warrant for search and seizure.

The application was heard at Kwekwe Magistrate’s Courts and was reportedly dismissed. On October 20, the accused person allegedly wrote a correspondence to Kurawely copied to the police advising him to dispose the diesel.

This prompted detectives to visit Arman Puma Services Station where they discovered that the diesel had been sold on the accused person’s directive. This led to Mashanyare arrest and his subsequent appearance in court.

Ms Namatirai Chipere represented the State while Mr Valentine Mutatu and Davison Mujaya represented the accused person.

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