ZANU PF accused Of hijacking Plan International’s food aid programme


ZANU PF First Secretary Emmerson Mnangagwa and National Chairperson Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri

Zimbabwe’s ruling party, ZANU PF has been accused of highjacking an aid assistance programme that was initiated by Plan International.

The allegations were made in Parliament by MDC Alliance legislator for Mbizo Settlement Chikwinya who claimed that Zanu PF functionaries have moved to impose lists of undeserving beneficiaries in their political circles. He said:

I want to welcome the assistance being given to our community members by Plan International in the form of grocery vouchers and cash worth US$12.

The programme has good intentions to render much-needed support to vulnerable members in and around Kwekwe who have been pushed into poverty by the economic challenges Zimbabwe is facing today.

It is unfortunate that indeed some undeserving individuals have found their way onto the beneficiaries list as a result of a few corrupt enumerators who were bribed to write these undeserving cases.

Chikwinya threatened to name and shame the “undeserving individuals” imposed by ZANU PF leadership “if they do not voluntarily withdraw.”

He also claimed that “some undeserving individuals” are people who work for government departments in Kwekwe.

On a number of occasions, the ruling ZANU PF has been accused of abusing aid for political mileage.

–New Zimbabwe


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