Husband kills suspected wife snatcher, his girlfriend

Victims of a love triangle


GWERU: In a sad and unusual development that occurred at Bensam Flats in Gweru, a local businessman Peter Dube (35) shot and killed his lovers’ suspected boyfriend along with his girlfriend leaving his second wife Nyasha Nharingo (31) and her sister Nyaradzo Nharingo (34) seriously injured.

The deceased man has only been identified as Shelton while his girlfriend has been identified as Gamuchirai Madungwe (30).

CommuTalk has it on record that circumstances leading to the bloody shooting emanated from a dispute where Dube got wind that his wife, sister and the now two deceased had traveled to Masvingo to collect Nyaradzo’s passport without his knowledge.

“This did not go well with Dube since he was suspecting infidelity,” said a close friend to the couple.

“At around 2000hrs, Dube armed with an unknown type of firearm went to number 11 Bensam Flats Main Street where an argument ensued accusing his second wife of having an affair with Shelton.

“Dube then went downstairs and shot Shelton who was seated in the car once on the head and he is reported to have died instantly,” CommuTalk is further told.

Dube is reported to have gone upstairs where he met Shelton’s girlfriend, Madungwe and shot her on the chest and also reportedly died on the spot.

“He went back upstairs where he met Gamuchirai on the door and shot her on the chest and she died before proceeding to shoot Nyasha on the neck, also shooting Nyaradzo on the head and are battling for life at Gweru Provincial Hospital,” a friend further narrated.

The accused’s young brother Advance Dube and first wife Jestina Chawana witnessed the incident and are the ones who made the report.

The accused however fled the scene is yet to be arrested.

CommuTalk could not immediately gather any information from the police though is is well informed that the matter is being investigated under Zimbabwe Republic Police Gweru central RRB Number 4655417.


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