Student commits suicide after chowing fees


In a heartbreaking turn of events, a 23-year-old man from Chipinge took his own life by hanging from a tree branch in a graveyard after confessing to squandering his school fees. Ransome Dhliwayo, upon returning from Checheche Town Centre, brandished a knife and threatened self-harm.

He revealed the financial crisis to his father, Mr. Wilson Mubuso Dhliwayo, who restrained him for the night.

Tragically, Ransome’s lifeless body was discovered hanging the next morning.

Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka reported the incident, which occurred in Konjana Village in Chief Musikavanhu’s area.

On the fateful day, Ransome left home around 4 pm, prompting a search by his father and other family members later in the evening.

Upon his return at 10 pm, Ransome, holding a knife, disclosed to his father that he was contemplating self-harm due to the mismanagement of his school fees.

Despite Mr. Dhliwayo’s efforts to restrain him, Ransome was later found hanging from a tree branch using an electric cable. The police have ruled out foul play in the incident.

Assistant Inspector Chinyoka emphasized the importance of seeking counseling and support from professionals, elders, or loved ones during difficult times.

The tragic event underscores the need to address mental health challenges and foster an environment where individuals feel comfortable sharing their struggles to prevent such devastating outcomes.

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