Triple challenges rock triple C


As Zimbabwe prepares for the upcoming by-elections on February 3, 2024, triggered by the recalls of Members of Parliament and councillors, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) faction led by Nelson Chamisa finds itself entangled in a complex web of challenges, sparking what Professor Jonathan Moyo has termed the “Triple Challenge” [Triple C].

In a tweet o Professor Moyo highlighted the critical juncture the CCC led by Chamisa is facing, introducing a Triple Challenge involving the decisions to “Engage,” “Disengage,” or even “Dump yellow and go purple or whatever.” The ambiguity surrounding these choices has given rise to what Moyo describes as a dire situation within the CCC, the true nature of which is yet to be fully grasped.

The identification of this dire situation, according to Moyo, is essential for understanding its origins and anticipating its consequences. However, he notes that some consequences are being erroneously treated as the cause, complicating the process of resolving the internal issues.

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