Mudenda kicks Ziyambi out of parliament

KICKED-OUT: Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi


Mudenda chucks Ziyambi out of Parliament in full glare of Namibian delegation, “You were harsh”- Justice Minister fumes

THE Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Ziyambi Ziyambi was yesterday ejected from the National Assembly by Speaker Jacob Mudenda.

Ziyambi had opted to have a pending Notice of Motion regarding impending “Land Tenure Security Law” moved by his Deputy Minister Mazungunye while Mudenda insisted the minister handle it himself.

In open defiance, Ziyambi said he instead wanted to have a “private conversation” with his staff.

Zanu PF Chief Whip Pupurai Togarepi in Ziyambi’s defence, interjected saying the latter was headed to the senate.

The drama unfolded in full glare of Namibian members of Parliament and staff from the Parliamentary Budget Select Committee in the Speaker’s Gallery.

Communication had reached the Speaker that Ziyambi would present the Notice of Motion on the proposed Land Tenure Security Law but was surprised when he tried to walk out.
“Initially, I was informed it was the Deputy Minister. Then, I was informed that the substantive Hon. Minister Ziyambi is here, he shall give the Notice of Motion,” said Mudenda.

“The Deputy Minister is going to move the motion. Thank you, Mr. Speaker Sir,” responded Ziyambi.

The Speaker asked if Ziyambi was then leaving the August House with the Minister saying that he was going to have a conversation and would listen attentively.

Said the Speaker “So, if you are going to make some conversation there, I am saying no. You should submit the motion.

“Your conversation – Hon. Minister, your private conversation does not take precedence.”

He ordered Ziyambi to “leave the House” who then proceeded to the Speaker’s chair telling him he was “harsh” and further challenged him to open the Constitution and show him the section which prohibits a Deputy Minister from moving a motion.

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